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gardenpunk is willful dystopia. it's the attitude that transforms fear of the future no one wants into the strength to survive it.


The revolutionaries who fight the establishment. And the establishment soldiers who fight on behalf of human survival. Or so they say. Get to know the Gardenpunk change-makers.


The Meld has its reasons. The Resistance didn’t form overnight. History is built on decisions believed to be made in people’s best interests. Read about the Gardenpunk world here.


Language inspires, and inspired language adds layers of perspective to the original writing. A palimpsest of invisible connections. See what other people have to say about Gardenpunk.


Books for sale, as well as posters, stickers and other bits of memetic paraphernalia (coming soon). Exchange your hours of labor for hours of mine. Kindle book available here!

About the author

gardenpunk is the seed that survives

Marlon MacAllister is a writer and civically-engaged human being. His writing has previously been published in Adbusters, Hidden City, Philly EcoCity, and many other non-credited sites. He’s obsessed with radical freedom, sustainable systems, and the ways that idealized convictions invite unconscious shadows to gnaw at their roots. He lives and works in Philadelphia, PA with his two cats. He does what he can.

Gardenpunk Books & Stories

In a future where our species’ survival is no longer ensured, gardenpunk is the wild boiling-over of life

Beehive Buzz

gardenpunk is beehives on rooftops, phoenix statues with solar panel wings

dustbowl dignity, apocalypse persistence

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